Prioritised Watercourse Asset Inspection and Maintenance Regime

To comply with its duties for watercourse maintenance under Section 59 of the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009, Clackmannanshire Council operates a cyclical "Prioritised Watercourse Inspection and Maintenance Regime" covering various known flood sensitive locations throughout the Council area. Each location has been given a priority status based on recorded flooding occurrences and local knowledge. The priority regime requires regular inspection and maintenance actions, as necessary, at monthly (Priority 1), three monthly (Priority 2) and twice yearly (Priority 3) intervals.

Click on the blue bars to see drop down, date specific, records of five previous inspections and any necessary site actions to remove debris at the described locations. If you wish to review all of the inspection records available at any location click on the "All Inspections" button. You can click on the "View Map" button to see a googlemap of the specific location and click on the "Photos" button to see photographs, if available, of the inspection site.

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